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Rev. Curtis A. Minter, Sr.

Teaches to trust in the plans of God based on 

Rev Curtis Minter didn’t always know that he was meant to be a leader of men, helping guide souls toward the path that God set before them. Instead, he was the normal kid of the late A.C. and Irene Minter, growing up on the streets of Akron, OH, looking up to his mentors and attempting to forge a place for himself in the world.

It has always been said that people meant to teach God’s Word do not seek it out, but are called upon. Rev Minter was no different, pursuing his own personal goals until he had no choice but accept his call to ministry in 1987. Before that, creativity through visual arts was his outlet for living during a time of social and economic strife. His dedication to his craft sent him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the early 1980s, graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design. He continues his love of art and utilizes his talent by designing church bulletins, newsletters, promotional fliers, Hot Cards, Brochures and drawings, even to this day.

He served as associate minister under great men of God, such as Rev. Roderick C. Pounds Sr and Rev. Kenneth W. Paramore, before answering God’s call to be head pastor of Shiloh MBC in 1993. And for 25+ years he has been feeding into the city that he loves so much. Pastor Minter continually promotes community involvement by hosting a Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner for the homeless, prayer vigils which allows the community to stay in touch with special issues and has established programs to distribute free clothing for needy families. His genuine love for young people is shown through his work as a former case manager/counselor at the East Akron Community House (EACH), Youth Outreach Center (YOC) and Phoenix Program for Youth through the YMCA. Providing exposure to alternative life paths and creating opportunities for young people to identify with God on their terms; thus promoting partnerships between youth and local churches.

Continually expanding his knowledge base so he can effectively help the most people is of utmost importance to Rev Minter. He’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biblical Christian Education to go along with the African American Religious Studies coursework he recently completed, the BA in Theology, and the Certificate in Pastoral Care he currently holds. Continual expansion of his understanding of the Word allows him to reach people of all socioeconomic backgrounds so that all have an opportunity to be found pleasing in God’s eye.

Through his shepherd’s heart, Rev Minter always encourages the body of Christ to recognize that, “The Best Is Yet to Come in Christ Jesus!” and to continue “Seeking the Spirit of Excellence for the Kingdom!”

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