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Our Ministries

Why participate in a ministry?

Ministry is essential to any body of Christ because it helps establish the foundation of the Word of God. It is the word of God that gives us a platform, that helps us launch into a place of excellence in relation to God. The born again believer has to remove himself from taboos; ie that God calls perfect people. That is the most erroneous idea in the context in which we live in because it's not realistic for someone to have the idea that they can be perfect when it comes to spiritual things. God is a spirit and the Bible teaches that we must worship him in spirit and in truth. So if the only way we can recognize where the spirit has been is by the effect that it leaves on the place it was at, we don't understand the spirit. When God comes into our life, we believe that through ministry we are developing people to "walk by the spirit". God takes you where you are and, if you allow him, he will begin a process in your heart to make you think differently than you used to. And in thinking differently, you will be motivated to live and change some of the ways you've been living from your past. 

Mother's Board

A dynamic group of women that lead by the teachings of 

As Mothers, we Stand in the Gap for all men by upholding the ideal that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving should be available to all people; regardless of age, gender, or race.

It has always fallen to women to educate the next generation; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. So we lead by example; always utilizing the teachings from God's Word to instruct us as we guide those that follow. By embracing sound doctrine we can learn to be supportive of each other, kind, gentle, spiritual, humble and walk in the anointing of God at all times. 

The Mother's Board gladly accepts this great responsibility and strive for our works to always be pleasing in the sight of God.

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Doorkeepers of the House of God as in 

Ushers act as the first representative of Jesus Christ to the worship experience. A word of encouragement or kindness may be the most significant ministry that some people receive, which is why the doorkeeper is so important.

Ushers are welcoming to the Lord's guests, as if they are inviting them into their own home. Because if one is to come, and be glad about coming into the house of the Lord, then they should be greeted with the same, or better, enthusiasm with which they arrived.

Preachers, teachers, and musicians minister to people in groups, while ushers minister to the individual. Only a few people get to interact directly with the pastor or musicians, but EVERYONE can have an encounter with a good usher!

Pastor's Aide

Those who help manifest the writings of

The requirements from our spiritual Undershepard are daunting in their sheer number, but he is as human as you are. He is expected to teach, counsel, encourage, console, and watch over, not just his flock, but the community at large. The Pastor's Aide ministry acts as the vehicle for the congregation to support the pastor both spiritually and emotionally as we work together to realize his vision for the church: saving souls! We model the attributes described by Jesus on how to uplift a man of God.

Anyone can show support to our pastor, not just members of this ministry. Spiritual leaders have the occasional difficult day and a kind word from a believer in Christ is sometimes enough to bring encouragement, inspiration, and light. Anytime your heart is lead to sow into the pastor's ministry the Bible says a blessing will be sown unto you.

To leave words of encouragement or sow into the ministry of Pastor Minter, 

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Nurses Minisry

Always remembering the words of 

These individuals are part of every worship service, funeral, or special event paying close attention to the health of everyone. Providing water/helping cool the overheated, assisting with medication administration, or providing extra support and comfort while awaiting proper intervention during emergencies.

They also support the pastor and guests of the pulpit, making sure their needs are met after the task of teaching God's word.

Training is provided to make sure that those with a spirit to assist others are able to do so properly. Being willing and able to notice the little things happening during the service is necessary for this work to be done.

Men's Ministry

Brotherhood based on the ideals of 

Building up men to be the covering for not only their home and community, but especially the church. Men come together in church to develop each other, deal with the challenges of our society, and act as role models to the young men. 


The character of a man should not be based on his job or how much money he makes, but instead it should be based on how he depends upon the Word of God to guide him. Witnessing the camaraderie of men in the church acts a strong model for young men that are attempting to navigate this current society. And if you expect women to know what to look for in a partner, it should be demonstrated in the church.

We believe that, historically, men have been called to be leaders, so this ministry helps develop those characteristics.

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The Sisterhood

Going against the societal grain by following 

Today's society does not encourage women to support each other; instead other women are seen as the ultimate adversary. But no one understands the struggles of being a woman better than your sister and no one can help you strengthen your relationship with God like your sister. 

The Sisterhood provides an opportunity to develop a relational connection with other women in the body of Christ in a more intimate setting. We uplift each other, pray together, and grow closer to God. 

Music Ministry

Members that fulfill                    using their God given gifts

Setting the tone for the Word of God to be brought forth, participants act as the backbone of the church and the worship experience. Singing allows us to give vent the things we feel inside and is a means to express our adoration for God. The spirit of worship is ushered in by the uplifted voices and can act as a catalyst to bring someone to accept Christ as their Savior.   

No professional singing experience is needed. Just a humble heart and desire to uplift praises to the Most High.

Music has always been a vital part of the church. It is the outward expression of an inward change. Wherever there is a gathering of people the music ministry is there to usher in the presence of God. 

We're looking for a full time organist. To apply, 

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Ever Ready Ministry

                      calls those that wish to meet the mandates of the body of Christ.

When there are beautification projects or major church bills that need to be paid, the members of the Ever Ready ministry step up to assist. This group organizes fund raisers to bring in extra income to allow the general offering to be utilized in other ways. 

What started as a few good intentioned people wanting to lend an additional helping hand, evolved into a vision-oriented group that have created an atmosphere of fellowship amongst themselves. They are Ever-Ready to answer the call of the church.

Praise Dancers

Answering the call of 

Utilizing our God-given gift of dance, we strive to touch the lives of people in such a way to bring about change and encouragement to their lives. We seek to glorify God within all aspects of our life; praise dancing is how that desire manifests. 

To God we pray, "May I leap with your joy, May I stretch with your passion, May I balance with your strength. I give you my dance, as a prayer, as praise, and as a testimony. May my dancing tell of your love and always point the way to you."

This ministry is open and available to any person who purposes to praise God through the spirit and art of dance. 

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