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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 


        In every history of mankind and in every organized body there have been some circumstances, incidents or events that have given rise to the conditions which brought about its existence. 


       Ninety-three years ago, the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was organized from a Sunday School and Missionary Society by a group of dedicated and concerned members. Reverenced G.W. Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Charies Permine, Mr. Jo Bush, Mrs. Sallie Lyons, and Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Humphrey, Lucille & Lillian Humphrey, and Frank Gindraw. 


Our History

      In 1920, Reverend G.W. Hayes associated himself with Mr. Charles Permine, Mr. Joe Bush and Mrs. Sallie Lyons and decided to establish a small mission.  Mrs. Permine located a suitable place at 920 Bellows Street and paid a month’s rent.  After holding meetings for three weeks at this place, the little mission invited Rev. R.A. Jones, then moderator of Northern Ohio Baptist Association, to preside over the organization.  The mission was officially organized in 1920 and was given the name Shiloh Baptist Church.  On the same night, Rev. G.W. Hayes was called as Pastor of the church, and he served faithfully for five years. 


      After one year, in 1921, the membership grew to thirty members and was financially able to obtain a larger building.  The church was moved to the corner of Baird and Bellows Streets.  At this location, the Senior Choir and Missionary Society were formed. 


  Under the pastorate of Rev. Hayes, Shiloh’s membership increased to about 200, so a larger place had to be found.  On July 8, 1922, a church building was purchased at 1239 Grant Street.  A ceremony was held, after which the members marched in a colorful parade to their new home.  It was here that the Shiloh Baptist Church began to grow even larger and stronger in faith and Christian service.  After serving as the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church from its infancy, Rev. Hayes resigned in 1925.

      In 1926, Rev. N.H. Armstrong was called to Shiloh, his first pastorate.  Rev. Armstrong proved to be a definite asset to the church.  The membership continued to increase, clubs, choirs and many youths of the city were organized into Christian work.  Rev. Armstrong served as Pastor until 1931.  In 1933, Rev. Solomon Beauford served as pastor.

November 1937 marked the calling or Rev. J.T. Payne of Wooster as Pastor.  Year after year Rev. Payne proved to be an inspiration and a devoted servant of God and Shiloh.  Under his leadership, the Church was able to pay off the long-standing church mortgage.  The church had a mortgage burning and dedication on September 26, 1943.  Although his health was failing, Rev. Payne served the church with complete dedication and unreserved willingness.  He was called from labor to reward in December of 1944.     

  In August 1945, Rev. U.S. Munnerlyn accepted the call and was installed in January of 1946.  The church did well under Rev. Munnerlyn’s administration, both spiritually and financially.  He resigned in 1951.


      The Rev. John M. Burrell of Monroe, Michigan was called in September 1952 and took charge on the first Sunday in October 1952 and was installed on November 30, 1952.  During his pastorate the current edifice was started.  The work that was done during this time included the erection of the four walls, the windows, and the roof.  He left the pastorate in 1957.


     Rev. Emmett Lee, the Associate Minister, was elected as Pastor.  He was installed as Pastor on January 26, 1958.  Rev. Lee became ill and he resigned in 1959.  Rev. E. James Dyson of Quitman, Georgia accepted the call and was installed on the third Sunday in May 1960.  Several months later on Sunday, July 17, 1960, Shiloh moved into this edifice.  The church made some progress under Rev. Dyson.  He was a very good speaker with excellent pulpit etiquette.  Rev. Dyson served the church until May 25, 1962.  Rev. J. Garrett was called into official charge as Pastor on the first Sunday in April 1963.  Under Rev. Garrett, the mortgage to the Sanctuary was burned.  In June 1967, Rev. Luther Cooper was installed as Pastor.  Under Rev. Cooper, the Educational Wing was started and completed.  The Shiloh family has had the following Pastors:  Rev. Harold Hopkins, Rev. Wallace Flemings, Rev. General Parks, Rev.  Napoleon A. Harris and Rev. Kenneth W. Paramore. We, the Shiloh Family, have made great advancements in our 97-year history and will continue to make many more such advancements with the Lord’s help.  


     In 1993 when Rev. Paramore resigned, we called Rev. Curtis A. Minter Sr.  as interim Pastor and then ordained him and called him as Pastor.  His emphasis on evangelism resulted in the purchase of a new van, the payoff of the air condition system in the sanctuary, beautifying the interior of the Sanctuary, and the purchase of properties next to the church and two lots across the street which will eventually allow the church room for future expansion and outreach. 


      We’ve been blessed to reach out and minister to the community by hosting a Community Thanksgiving Dinner, collaborating with Businesses in the community.  The FOCUS Ministry has provided hot lunch programs for the summers as well as a Community Food Give Away through the church’s food pantry twice a month which assist families in the area. 


     Rev. Minter has laid out a vision for the church!  We are grateful for our divine Shepherd who is an inspiration to all of us and truly a gift from God.  May we continue to grow under his leadership and magnify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! ⬧


“Seeking the Spirit of Excellence for the Kingdom”

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